Yep, the Punisher sticks out in marvel and DC Comics as the utmost vigilante. This month he has taken the top spot number one of the Bronze Age’s a lot of popular comics with the fantastic Spider-Man #129. Why is the Punisher still popular all these years later? What return trends can you expect from this lethal legionnaire?

Punisher is an anti-hero that is the bane of villains everywhere. He is a professionally trained killer, competent, intelligent and a lot of of all cunning like any self-respecting predator must be. typically when his quarry (anyone with potential felony background) hears he is tracking them their sustenance day and night from that point on is fear. though often duplicated he has never been replicated and the symbol on his chest is not an “S” it is his trademark calling card, a white skull. He is the Punisher and his first appearance is hot.

Amazing Spider-Man #129

This character was created by Gerry Conway in 1974 with pencils from Gil Kane and Ross Andru. interesting side notes: The inks had John Romita on the team.  According to one IGN article, Gerry Conway got the inspiration for Punisher from the Mack Bolan “Executioner” series. It was very pulpy and fun to read. Also, the death wish motion pictures were popular at the time.  That era was actually plagued with a great deal of crime. Which made these gun-toting vigilantes all the a lot more popular. decades later the crime has receded but the arbiter of vengeance remains, the Punisher is a lot more popular than ever.

Financial Nuts and Bolts

Amazing Spider-Man #129 has been a solid performer in the Bronze Age even before the current craze and run-up of comic books. I consider this the second or maybe third a lot of popular crucial from that era. What can the trend returns across different grades tell us of its investment potential?

Last Sale
Return 1-Years
Return 2-Years

Amazing Spider-Man #129




Over the last year, fantastic Spider-Man #129 has a return trend of between positive +10% to +28% depending on grade. Over a two-year period, that same book garnered a real skew in the midrange. The performance in midgrade was phenomenal with the grade of 6.5 garnering a positive +38.2%. Unfortunately, the mint grade did not follow suit and only returned +0.8% not even a full percent return which could not keep up with inflation. The interesting thing about ASM#129 is that people can still get their hands on low-grade copies that have some exceptional returns.

In addition to above-average return trends, this book has seen a rise in popularity as well. This last month it obtained the very top rank in the Bronze Age, and that is not easy for such an expensive crucial book. fantastic Spider-Man #129 has good return trends, solid popularity, and a forty-year track record. The only thing missing is a catalyst and I believe it has that nailed down as well. This character will always be a part of the marvel universe as one of its a lot of popular anti-heroes in the MCU. Ultimately, they will resurrect him probably on Hulu. Let’s just hope it isn’t “FRAKENCASTLE!” Cue the scary organ music, then hold hands, and scream, “Noooo!”

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