BETA phone call RAY BILL!

sometimes I gather a comic since it is rare.  commonly I will buy a comic since I see value.  Every when in a while, as noted in a previous article (here), I just have to have it.  Whether for the reasons listed above, or for no rational reason at all, all of us have buying habits that impact our collections.  For me, I have had a back as well as forth connection with Thor #337… now I am wondering if it is time to break-up or hold on for the long term.

Thor #337 is one of my preferred comics.  When I began my collection, it was one of the very first I chosen up.  In fact, I have bought a few copies.  right here are the two primary reasons.  One: It is the very first appearance of a extremely great character… Beta Ray Bill.  Two: the cover art is superb, a bit of a 4th wall breaker, as well as undeniably eye-catching.  Over time, I have seen my number of Thor #337 fluctuate from many copies to zero as well as whatever in-between.  however why?

On the open market, Thor #337 has undeniably been a hot book.  Copies in 9.8 grade have risen from the low to mid $300 variety to copies pushing the $500 threshold.  Although, when cross referencing the data, we have some concerns that arise.  The data shows 9.8 graded copies trending down by almost 5%, as well as each of the top 3 grades in decline as well.  By contrast grades of 9.2 as well as below are all showing positive traction.  So why is this book so hot right now?

Books from the 1980’s are gaining steam.  They are still at budget-friendly cost points for a great deal of collectors, where many of the Silver Age key comics have priced themselves out of the “casual collector” market.  Thor #337 is a excellent example of this trend.  Although extremely plentiful (over 600 copies of 9.8 grade on the census) as well as always listed for sale, the number of copies in the supply chain does not supersede the demand for this book.  We see this with the fantastic Spider-Man #300 as well as other contemporary books.  Although there are lots of copies on the market, cost patterns seem to go up with every offering.

This book likewise has a Newsstand doppelganger…I dislike to beat it into my reader’s head, however Newsstand vs. direct is a thing as well as will only ended up being more prominent when everybody realizes it.  I am now going to open up the debate into Canadian Newsstand Variants.  There is, apparently, a Canadian Newsstand version of this book?  Is a Canadian variant worth the premiums we see on the market?  Are they truly rarer?  I have been researching this topic for a while as well as am slowly gathering insights into these kinds of books.  more on Canadian variations soon…please stand-by to stand-by!

Thor #337 should stay a preferred as well as deserving key moving forward.  during this time around of market flux, it may be prudent to move on a copy.  keep an eye open for a Newsstand variant being offered for a direct copy cost to maximize the value on this book.  If you are on the offer side, this is a excellent book to gain value on if you are able to time the market, or you might just stay diligent as well as bet on this book for the long term.

What other books do you see hitting the market with high frequency?  Do you believe in the Newsstand vs. direct premium?  will Beta Ray expense ever show up in the marvel Cinematic world (we have seen his likeness in Ragnarok)?  decrease your comments as well as join in the conversation.

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