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Battlepug: Compugdium

PORTLAND, OR, 06/01/2018 — At long last, picture Comics is delighted to reveal that the award-winning webcomic BATTLEPUG by Mike Norton will be collected into a trade paperback COMPUGDIUM as well as offered in January 2019.

BATTLEPUG: COMPUGDIUM will include all five volumes of Norton’s original fantasy/humor series together for the very first time. It will likewise function exclusive, additional material like sketches as well as art by a few of the most innovative artists in the service today.

“I can’t tell you exactly how ecstatic I am to be collecting the entire five volumes with my friends at Image,” stated Norton. “This is the very first book I ever composed as well as drew myself, so it’s extremely special to me as well as I’m can’t wait to see everything together as the Compugdium for the very first time!”

In BATTLEPUG, visitors join the last Kinmundian as well as his faithful steed, The Battlepug, as they travel the world seeking revenge against every giant, absurd animal they can find.