Humble bundle picture Comics offer will get You almost $500 Of Ed Brubaker For Just…Whatever You feel like Paying!

You’re missing out if you haven’t used Humble bundle for video games, comics, as well as numerous other things. It’s a fantastic fundraising site. They offer bundles of products, as well as you name the cost you want to pay for them. From that, they donate a part to different charities. So, not only do you get hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars worth of awesomeness, you assist people too. They always have a excellent bundle going on, however every so often, they offer something legendary – like best now. starting today, you can get a Humble bundle of Ed Brubaker picture Comics worth $467 at the cost you name.

The Humble picture Comics bundle of Ed Brubaker works Won’t be offered for Long

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If you want $500 worth of an Eisner Award-winning writer (and artists too), you only have from now to January 13th, 2022. however it gets much better than just comics. You’ll likewise be assisting people. For this bundle, “a part of the purchases from the bundle will support HFC, taking care of households affected by Alzheimer’s, activating young Alzheimer’s advocates, as well as leading brain health and wellness research study as well as education.”


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So, what titles will you get in the picture Comics Humble Bundle? Firstly, new work, like Ed Brubaker as well as Sean Phillips’ Reckless series. however you likewise get their Eisner-winning My Heroes have always Been Junkies, and their traditional Criminal series. So, if you like criminal offense comics, missing this bundle would be a criminal offense itself.

Each week, they will add much more books. So, keep the page bookmarked.

Humble bundle – Week 1:

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Humble bundle – Week 2:

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Week 3:

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If I noise excessively enthusiastic, it’s since these are a few of the very best comics ever written. Sure, I already own 90% of them. However, the few I don’t own will still be less costly getting it in the bundle. as well as my money goes to assist Alzheimer’s research, so even better.

The picture Comics Humble bundle is offered now.

(Featured Image: Humble Bundle)