One OP Joker Is A new Joker Manga coming from the exact same publisher As assault On Titan series

The Joker is one of those characters who gets DC Comics a great deal of mileage. He’s been in whatever from movies, video games, to television series as well as different other appearances in other mediums. Batman’s most significant arch-rival is fascinating for several reasons, provided his complex background as well as origin story. Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker portrayal brought the character back in a nuanced as well as sympathetic method to the mainstream, with its numerous awards. as well as now, the clown prince of criminal offense is set to return, in a completely different avatar. A new statement on Twitter exposes a DC Comics’ Joker manga coming out next year. The story will obviously have Joker be a parent in this one.

One OP Joker Manga comes from assault On Titan Publisher

picture through DC Comics.

The new DC Comics’ Joker manga is a partnership between the publisher as well as Kodanshu, the exact same studio accountable for the assault On Titan manga series. The statement came from the manga’s artist, Keisuke Gotoh, on his Twitter account. The tweet likewise had a new photo connected showing the manga version of Joker, holding a baby. as well as that’s where things get a bit weird. 


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The One OP Joker is supposedly about Joker as a parent. We don’t understand much else about DC Comics’ Joker manga, however the photo is strange. While Joker is holding a baby, what the infant is using is much more interesting. He seems to have a beanie with what appears like bat ears, as well as a black blankie-cape? So is it really Joker’s baby, or is it some strange situation where Batman becomes a baby, somehow? Either way, I believe the premise of the psychotic very villain somehow accountable for a helpless kid is going to be interesting. Or one that might just go awfully as well as horribly wrong. 

DC Comics’ Joker Manga ought to Be An fascinating handle The Character

The Joker manga is certainly curious, to state the least. in spite of numerous different iterations on the character, a Japanese graphic book version ought to be something to look out for. The publisher, Kodansha, likewise has a credibility for producing compelling manga series. a few of their works include major series like Alita battle Angel, The Quintessential Quintuplets, as well as other franchises like Akira as well as The Ghost In The shell manga as well. With such a popular publisher working with DC, the One OP Joker manga will be a distinct handle the character. as well as the story likewise feels like something we’ve never seen from a Joker appearance before either, so one to view out for. I’m certainly curious, even if it’s much more of a morbid curiousity to see exactly how the Joker would care for a child. 

DC Comics’ Joker manga releases on January 7, 2021. 

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Featured picture through Keisuke Gotoh’s Twitter account.