will we see Avengers versus X-Men in the MCU? It is almost a guarantee, and it would be wise to stock up on these issues before the impending X-Men announcement.


Ever since marvel Studios’ wonderful four movie news at Disney Investors Day, I have had visions of mutants dancing in my head. After all, if the Richards clan has a feature film lined up, the X-Men can’t be too far behind, right? Here’s hoping.

How can you be a true marvel Comics fan and not appreciate the FF? When it comes to heavy hitters, the FF are not on the X-Men’s level. That being said, once the X-Men arrive in the MCU, there is no doubt that marvel Studios will lead us to a thrilling, fan-pleasing Avengers versus X-Men confrontation. 

As we prepare for that inevitable AVX onscreen moment, here are some classic X-Men/Avengers issues to add to your collections.

X-MEN #9

This is not the first time an Avenger and an X-Man met in a comic, but X-Men #9 was the first meeting between the full teams.

Between the early AVX issues, this one is the most sought after keys. In these pages, readers saw Marvel’s flagship team, the Avengers, square off against the relatively new faces at that point, the X-Men. Of course, this was the original X-team that was essentially a FF rip off. Still, it is a moment that will surely be adapted for the MCU in some shape, form, or fashion.




This may seem like a random issue, but it could be the proverbial diamond in the rough. will it become the next big thing in the collecting world? Not likely, but it is worth keeping in mind as you search through your long boxes for all those AVX keys. 

What makes Tales of Suspense #49 special is it is the first crossover between members of the X-Men and the Avengers. Actually, it was just Iron man and Angel, but who’s counting? since it only featured the two characters crossing paths, it is not as desirable as X-Men #9. Still, it is still a piece of AVX history and worth adding to your collection. 



The first meeting between the X-Men and the Avengers was so successful that they would meet several more times over the years. In Avengers #53, we have the X-Men’s first appearance in the Avengers’ title.



When it comes to AVX crossovers, Ultimate war is typically forgotten, yet it is seemingly written for the screen and could translate well to the MCU, minus some of the less-family-friendly moments.  It is also a fun read for Marvel’s ultimate Universe.

This is an action-packed mark Millar story in the tradition of the ultimate line of comics. This crossover delivered on all levels. Where it was most successful was its portrayal of Wolverine as an animalistic killing machine that even Captain America and Iron man should fear. 


There are many moving parts to an Avengers/X-Men MCU crossover. At this point, there are more questions than answers. Which X-Men will be in the MCU lineup? When they will resurface in live-action? Eventually, the two teams will meet up, and it will be an epic marvel moment.

Serious collectors make it Premium.

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