After a short slump, the Batman who Laughs is on the rebound thanks to his newest self-titled series, as well as teen Titans #12 is leading the pack with some outstanding figures.

When DC’s legendary crossover Dark nights was in full gear, the Batman who Laughs was stealing the spotlight. Sure, he wasn’t anything we hadn’t seen before (after all, he is just a combination of Batman as well as the Joker), however he was irresistible. What’s not to like? He’s as wise as Batman as well as as ruthless as the Joker, plus he’s a visually dynamic character, even if his mask makes no sense (how does he see out of that thing?) as well as his costume is a blatant Hellraiser ripoff.


THE very first full APPEARANCE

At first, BWL was all the rage, as well as his secrets were booming.

In March, a 9.8 teen Titans #12 (as new as this comic is, they ought to all be 9.8s) brought as much as $441, as well as it was averaging in the $350 range. then fans seemingly had their fill, as well as slowly the costs began to fall. After reaching that record high, it dropped to the $250-$300 variety a month later. By August, it had dipped into the $150-$200 territory.

Then things began turning around after DC exposed plans to provide BWL a new series. because then costs have been steadily on the rise. In late October, costs cracked $200. A month later, the 9.8 had once again reached $300.

With the popularity of this new series, collectors recognize that DC will keep BWL in the mix, as well as that’s kept the TT #12 values pushing upward. because November 27, only one 9.8 has offered below $300, as well as three of the four many recent sales have been at or above $350. the most recent sale was on December 19 for $359, which provides the concept that it might when once again break $400 before winter season is over.



Although it’s not at the exact same level as the common cover, the teen Titans #12 variant edition is getting back to that spring speed as well.

From January to the beginning of April, a 9.8 was averaging close to $250. Suddenly, costs fell below $200, as well as from mid-April to December, it stayed below that $200 mark. however hope springs eternal, as well as this problem is hot when once again after selling for $225 on December 15. We shall see if those costs stay in that range.







Not all BWL secrets are experiencing this renaissance in fair market value. His very first solo comic, Dark Nights: Batman who Laughs, hasn’t gotten the rub from TT #12 as well as the new series, however it is showing indications of life.

A year ago, this was an immensely prominent issue. As part of Dark Nights, DC published one-shot origin problems for these new Batman-combination characters. Not surprisingly, the BWL one-shot offered out across the country. this time around last year, a graded 9.8 was commanding costs of $100 as well as up, peaking at $150. That carried over into 2018, however costs soon dropped under three figures, as well as it’s stayed that method for the most part.

While it’s hovered in the $60-$70 typical for the past 90 days, two of the past three sales have been for $80 or more. With so numerous 9.8s available, I question this will breach the $100 mark again, however it might quickly push back into the $90 range.




Finally, we have Dark Nights: metal #2, which was the very first cameo appearance of BWL. The purists will suggest that this problem ought to be thought about the true debut of BWL, as well as that is understandable, however it just does not hold the market clout as teen Titans #12. Over the past 12 months, almost every variant as well as every grade has been losing value, as well as it hasn’t improved in the 90-day FMV. The last time a common edition 9.8 offered was in September, as well as it was for just $24, which is not even worth the CGC or CBCS grading fees.


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