Silver Sprocket announce Their publishing Line-Up for spring 2023 – includes work by Rosemary Valero-O’Connell, Sloane Leong and numerous More!

We seriously need to get much more Silver Sprocket coverage up here at BF! The indie comics publisher have an outstanding range of titles coming in spring 2023. check out the press release below for much more details on some of the best alt comics offerings coming in the early part of next year.

Check out much more on offer from Ignatz-winning Silver Sprocket on their online store.

Radical Indie Comics publisher Silver Sprocket Announces spring 2023 Lineup

Silver Sprocket, the radical San Francisco-based indie comics publisher, will publish 13 original books in spring 2023.

Announced titles include golden record by Rosemary Valero-O’Connell, Sugar and other stories by delight San, Fart school by Mel Stringer, Prokaryote season by Leo Fox, and Grog the Frog by Alba BG & Davilorium.

Each of Silver Sprocket’s titles this season will continue to reflect its output of quality comics, exploring a range of themes and subjects, such as queer identity, feminist horror, artistic burnout, and more!

Below are the individual announcements for each title:

Golden record by Rosemary Valero-O’Connell

A bilingual English/Spanish poetry magazine and autofiction chapbook lusciously written and illustrated by award-winning graphic novelist Rosemary Valero-O’Connell.

It is an amalgamation of words and images brought together to become much more than the sum of their parts, exploring the body as the site and host of all pleasure and pain, and, as its name pays homage to, a collection of dispatches from life on earth.

40-full color pages; 8.5” x 11”; ISBN: 979-8-88620-000-3; SRP: $19.99; release date: 02/15/23

Sugar and other stories by delight San

A devoted yet amoral creature guarantees a girl’s blood sugar stays up. A gory ritual creates a lovely woman’s ideal smile. A neglected and overworked partner is slowly subsumed by violent fantasies. In this collection of short horror comics, cartoonist delight San masterfully explores the ways in which we contort and control ourselves, balancing the bloody and brutal with unexpected levity.

160 full-color and B&W pages; 5” x 6”; ISBN: 979-8-88620-011-9; SRP: $21.99; release date: 02/22/23

Fart school by Mel Stringer

Mel imagines collaborating with other artists in a dynamic community, honing her craft, and becoming an accomplished artist. but it turns out that art school isn’t quite the same in real life. based on the author’s experience attending art school in the early 2000s, this funny, heartfelt book will resonate with anybody with a youthful dream—or a DeviantArt account.

200 full-color pages; 6” x 6”; ISBN: 979-8-88620-015-7; SRP: $24.99; release date: 03/08/23

Comics for Choice: Illustrated Abortion Stories, history and Politics, 2nd Edition
Edited by Hazel Newlevant, Whit Taylor, & Ø.K. Fox

The stories in Comics for choice showcase a broad range of abortion experiences from a diverse range of voices: trans voices, older voices, activist voices—relatable voices. As this fundamental reproductive best continues to be stigmatized and jeopardized, over sixty artists and writers have created comics that boldly share their own experiences, and educate readers on the history of abortion, current political struggles, activism, and more.

 308 full color pages; 6.625” x 10.25”; ISBN: 979-8-88620-014-0; SRP: $29.99; release date: 03/15/23

The Changeling, volume 2 by Tina Lugo

Luth is a lycan—half human, half wolf—ostracized from her clan. In purchase to show herself, she enters the trials to become Heketi, an elite warrior hand-picked to serve as defender and peacekeeper. but in the difficult challenge of the trials, she discovers something else entirely. She is the Dark Star, destined to bring destroy to her land. Can she fight against the demon lurking inside her, or will disaster win out?

64 B&W pages; 6” x 9”; ISBN: 979-8-88620-013-3; SRP: $13.99; release date: 03/22/23

Enlightened Transsexual Comix by Sam Szabo

The year is 2023. The astral plane has entered a tailspin. Fortunately, an ancient cosmological entity is on a mission to spread her fluidity across the galaxy. Our raw, uncut heroine roams the wasteland in defense of trans rights and trans wrongs. will the Enlightened Transsexual convince humanity to chill out at last? Or will the planet choke on her dirty gags?

 128 full-color pages; 7” x 9”; ISBN: 979-8-88620-017-1; SRP: $24.99; release date: 04/12/23

The sucker by Elle Shivers

On an project to survey an uninhabited Philippine island marked for commercial development, a marine biologist and an underwater photographer are amazed to find themselves thrust back together after losing touch. The mission gets complicated by their discovery of a unusual huge squid that was thought to have gone extinct. As tensions rise over the fate of the creature, they should make their own choices about what’s right, andnull