In the wake of Chadwick Boseman’s untimely death, collectors have been scrambling for the very first appearance of Black Panther. That pleads the question, exactly how much did costs inflate?


The comic neighborhood as well as MCU fans across the world are still in shock. After a personal battle with cancer for four years, Boseman passed away on August 28. The news was a gut punch for his fans, as well as it has left a hole in the heart of the MCU that may never be filled. 

When a star dies, particularly when that death is unexpected, eBay fills keeping that person’s memorabilia. In Boseman’s case, any type of as well as all things Black Panther are all of a sudden hot items. 

At the top of the listing is amazing four #52, which occurs to be the historic debut of the very first African superhero, T’Challa.


It is no surprise that F.F. #52 has taken off, as well as it is not such as this was a affordable comic that ballooned overnight. It has been one of the most prominent Silver Age comics for some time. just this year, it has offered much more than 500 graded comics, as well as it is second only to the very first appearance of the Silver Surfer as well as Galactus in amazing four #48. With the mad rush to purchase all things Black Panther because Boseman’s death, it is likely to pass #48 for the top Silver Age area by the end of the year.

Again, this was already a vastly prominent comic. Speculators have stayed on top of F.F. #52 because Black Panther’s MCU casting was very first announced. In the weeks complying with the actor’s passing, the figures are going with the proverbial roof. Take a look at a few of the top-selling grades.


For the past year, the most prominent grade has been the 6.5. Fittingly, that specific grade has offered 52 times. A lots of those sales have are available in the last 90 days, however the fair market value is especially impressive. The three-month FMV stands at $1,027, which is $138 past its 2019 average. That inflated FMV is not slowing, either. because August 28, it has not offered for less than $1k, as well as the most recent sale was for $1,688. 

With costs spiking, it is no question that speculators are staying with the mid-grades. next to the 6.5, the second-most prominent grade is the 4.5. So far, it has offered 48 times because last September with a 90-day FMV of $584. On September 6, the grade reached a new record high when a copy offered for $870.


When it concerns major secrets from the 1960s, I keep an eye on the lower grades. It’s in these “reader copies” that we get our full photo of a comic’s popularity, as well as F.F. #52 does not disappoint. The lowest grade offered in the past month was a 0.5 that is missing the centerfold. even with the missing page, it still handled to offer for $248. There likewise was a total 1.5 that offered for $315 on August 28 before reaching $335 the next day. 


These inflated costs won’t hold forever. Eventually, the balloon will deflate. However, if the function of T’Challa is recast, then expect a second spike. 


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