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Incredible Hulk #2
Marvel Comics
Aaron, Silvestri & Gho

The second issue of Jason Aaron’s relaunch of the amazing Hulk dives much more into the obsession that Bruce Banner has with being the Hulk now that the Hulk has left his body. The mad scientist angle is explained a little much more but the subplot where the government is trying to get the Hulk to hunt down Banner takes an odd turn. Basically, this issue has its moments but is moving at a slow pace and doesn’t really flow as a self-contained comic book.
The book opens with Betty and Bruce unwinding on the beach trying to give their marriage a second chance. As odd as this scene was in terms of this issue and the overall relaunch it does help to bridge some of the gap between this series and the previous. It probably doesn’t help a new reader who doesn’t really need the recap but it does offer some good background for both the new and seasoned reader. The beach scene ends with Banner deciding the Hulk is much more essential than Betty.

From the beach scene we get the most interesting and essential three pages of the book which is done practically entirely as a narrative of Bruce’s thoughts. Bruce walks the reader through what he is doing on his little Island and it ties together a lot of the behavior and the chauffeur behind his actions. It’s very good and very well written.

The issue takes a nose dive when the Hulk is recruited to hunt down Banner. He is brought to an aircraft carrier to talk about the matter. In the background some men are dropping in huge pieces of meat into the ocean. The sharks appear to sink the carrier and everyone goes into the water to battle the green sharks. If the agency knew the powered sharks were out there why did they lure them to the ship? If they were attracted to the ship because of the food why did the attack the ship? If they are, in fact, gamma powered sharks how did the humans survive? possibly this scene was implied to be funny as Aaron likes to do a lot in his books? I really don’t get this scene at all.

The issue has an army of twelve artists on the issue between pencils, finishes, pencil assists, inkers and colorists. incredibly the issue is consistent. However, the art actually fails because every single character has the same expression on their face no matter what the scene is. I haven’t seen a much more lifeless comic in terms of emotions or an art presentation that simply doesn’t match the dialogue in a while. It was a huge disappointment. even the green sharks couldn’t save it.

I don’t know where this series is heading. The first two issues have done nothing but left me thinking that Aaron is putting out a rare misfire. The few pages where Banner discusses what is going on are the only parts of this comic that helps the story along at all. I am hopefully that this series will pick up the pace but I’m not sure how numerous much more issues I will give it.

2 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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