NOT top FIVE: cold COMICS 9/23

With so lots of sudden jumps in the top-100 hottest Comics, that indicates an inevitable fall for others, even for the market behemoth fantastic Spider-Man #129. If you missed out on my greatest movers blog, check it out here.

Cold Comics

Let’s take a closer look at five comics that took a tumble in the hottest Comics index.

93. fantastic SPIDER-MAN #129 (-73)

It was a surprise to see the Punisher’s first appearance take such a hit in the sales department. Typically, ASM #129 is a staple of the top 20, but the past week has not been kind. following the drop-off, it is clinging to the top 100. 

Is it time to panic? Not at all. This is the Punisher, and his debut issue is among the most sought after Bronze Age comics year to year. This issue will rebound soon.




184. VENOM #9 (-109)

What happened to Dylan? Eddie Brock’s secret kid was getting traction in the collector’s market and slowly building a following thanks to Donny Cates giving him major symbiote abilities. All the talk was that Dylan would ascend to power levels that would be the crucial to defeating Knull in “The King in Black” crossover. While that may still happen, for the time being, collectors are backing off Dylan’s crucial issues. along with Venom #9, Dylan’s cameo first appearance in Venom #7 has fallen all the way to #291 on the hottest Comics index.




243. OMEGA men #3 (-202)

Fandome may have propelled quite a few DC keys up the ladder, but not everything is riding that high. After steadily holding in the top-50 hottest Comics, Lobo’s first appearance suffered a significant drop in popularity. This week, it is barely holding in the top 250. 

With so much happening with the DCEU, I think it is safe to say that Omega men #3 will rebound. It may not happen for a few weeks or even months, but collectors will flock to this comic because Lobo is simply too marketable. Off-color, R-rated, tongue-in-cheek characters like Deadpool and those featured in suicide Squad 2 are hugely popular, and “the main Man” practically developed that niche. Sooner or later, Lobo will have his day on the big screen, and Omega men #3 will catch fire.

222. IRON man #55 (-160)

The MCU giveth, and the MCU taketh away. When the comic world was holding its collective breath for Thanos, this issue was red hot. once Thanos made his full cinematic debut in Infinity War, prices were ridiculously inflated. It reached a point where casual fans couldn’t afford Iron man #55. then came Endgame and the mad Titan’s demise, and now prices are gradually coming back to reality. If you were a Thanos or Drax fan patiently wanting a piece of the action, it looks like your time has come.




157. fantastic SPIDER-MAN #194 (-122)

Will we ever see a Black Cat/Silver Sable movie? For the time being, Sony has switched its attention to the Silk live-action series, and Silver & Black has been officially placed on the back burner. That describes why Silk’s crucial issues are on fire while ASM #194 has taken a major hit in sales volume. Still, even if the team-up motion picture doesn’t happen, Black cat will be part of the Sony-verse one way or another. When that happens, this issue will regain its spot.






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