The Sub-Mariner has been left adrift during the last decade of marvel Cinematic universe growth. This is due to his rights not being clearly in marvel Studio’s control which limits the character’s use in movies. Apparently, the blogosphere has rumors that prince of the Sea: Sub-Mariner is now owned solely by marvel and its greater parent Disney. This leads us to some interesting speculations. but who is Sub-Mariner?

“Sub-Mariner is the mutant kid of a human sea captain and a princess of the mythical undersea kingdom of Atlantis. Namor possesses the super-strength and aquatic abilities of his race Homo Mermanus as well as mutant ability of flight along with other superhuman powers” (Wiki).

I believe Sub-Mariner is a a lot more interesting character than Aquaman. Yeah, I am a biased marvel fan. At this point, all the DC fans are throwing their Keto-approved fruit at me. However, the evidence is strong for Subby being a great fit for the MCU. First, he once battled as a villain before turning heroic. Further, he fought as a superhero alongside Captain America in WWII. You are still not convinced? how about he is relevant today as an early environmental activist battling for the oceans of our world? The Sub-Mariner always had anger issues on par with Wolverine, “Bub them is battling words!” I wouldn’t mind enjoying him scrap with the Avengers, that would be a fun fight. better yet, Subby invades and the Avengers battle an army of Atlanteans? All these fun and games aside can a Subby speculation payoff?




Sub-Mariner #1

Subby’s first Silver Age comic book also consists of his origin story. This book is seriously undervalued and must be a long-term get and hold. Recently, the catalyst of full ownership by marvel has speculators interested in this comic. Apparently, that will allow them to make a Sub-Mariner motion picture that would drive the value of this book up.


Grade 9.8 $6,250 last sale 8-17-19 returned positive +86%

Grade 9.2 $1,350 last sale 12-12-19 returned positive +127%

Grade 6.0 $297 last sale 11-5-19 returned positive +208%

These returns would make anyone’s gills pulse, grade 6.0 returning +208%; holy mackerel! With the rights to the Sub-Mariner, the last of the golden Age superheroes returns home to Marvel. There is still time to get a copy of this book at affordable rates. You don’t have to be prince of the seven Seas to profit from Sub-Mariner #1; you merely have to become that rarest of species a Subby-Speculator.


Sub-Mariner Comics #1

If the first appearance in his own book in the Silver Age is a low-tide experience; then how about his first solo title in the golden Age? This book was created by bill Everett, Ray Gill, and Paul Gustavson (script) and the art team as Alex Schomburg, bill Everett, and Gustavson (pencils) in April 1941. just two months later the united states would become involved in battling WWII after a sneak attack by the empire of Japan at Pearl Harbor. The “righteous might” of the American people procured the country’s victory after a long and bloody war. Sub-Mariner and all of the golden Age heroes played a positive role as propaganda machines against this Axis threat. On the cover, you can see the Nazi insignia with Subby rocking the boat. What kind of profits did the Sub-Mariner procure in  Sub-Mariner Comics #1?




Grade 9.0 $84,000 last sale 11-21-19 returned positive +59.2%

Grade 6.5 $15,656 last sale 1-10-18 returned positive +49.4%

Grade 4.0 $16,800 last sale 11-21-19 returned positive +170.5%



Between these two books, I would rather own the a lot more recent Sub-Mariner #1 as a purchase from the Silver Age. Why? simply put there are a lot more buyers or to use a poker terminology “plenty of fish in the sea.” The percentages are nearly the same, but the higher end book golden Age Sub-Mariner Comics #1 is all over the map price-wise.

In contrast, Sub-Mariner #1 is a Silver Age book that is consistent with price stability. Besides, a lot more folks can afford Silver Age prices. though it is hard to beat a Schomburg cover. The bottom line is the safer play is the Silver Age comic book. For $300 you can own a grade 6.0 in the Silver Age with Sub-Mariner #1. It might not be the caviar of comics but it doesn’t smell as fishy as anchovies on a sub either.



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